How To Order

1) To order a cab from our website, at first, you should register. For that, please, select the «Customer?» check-box and click on «Registration» as it is displayed on below screenshot.


2) Type your mobile number at field (please note, that if your number starts with 077 prefix, you just type 77, without 0).


After that, you’ll get SMS with confirmation code on your cell phone.

3) Type that confirmation code at «SMS-password» field

     Type your name at «Your name» field

     Select the «Customer» check-box

     And click «Confirm» 




4) Type your new 6-character password in «The new password» and confirm it in «Confirm password» field. Then click «Change password» button.





5) Here you can see your login (in our case it’s 37455520088). Use your login and password to enter the system next time.



Congratulations! You’ve registered in our system successfully.

6) Now, if you want to order cab, enter  My Cabinet > My Orders.


 7) Click «Add»



8) Now in 1 field type the address you want the cab arrive

    In 2 field type the address you want to go (if you want)

    Please clearly mention the time you want the cab come in 3 check-box

    If you want, you can calculate the approximate price by clicking on «Calculate» button 4

 (Note: if the system doesn't finds the address you're adding, please contact us with mentioned above telephones and operator will add that address)


And select the tariff you prefer



If everything is OK click «Book a taxi»


That's all, your order is accepted.

This note is to inform you, that after cab search completes, the system will inform you by phone call or SMS.



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